Welcome to Dragonfly Way - authentic instruction in traditional Tai Chi & other Chinese kung fu internal energy arts 


" ...Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful..."  Tao Te Ching  

 What is Dragonfly Way?

An authentic individually-tailored kung fu programme enabling you to learn how to use Tai Chi, Ba Gua Zhang, Qi Gong, Dao Yin and other internal arts for health, self-defence and personal development.

Next time you see a dragonfly flying over a pond or a riverside, stay still for a moment and watch how it moves...

 Dragonflies are gifted with the ability to fly forwards, backwards, up, down and sideways instantly.  All four of their wings are able to operate independently, allowing rapid and unpredictable changes of direction.

 Observation of this movement is what inspired the name of the Dragonfly Way school - where the relaxed softness of Tai Chi, the calmness and energy of Qi Gong, and the rapid changes of Ba Gua Zhang enable students to become similarly fast, fluid, smooth and unpredictable


Come to a session and take the first step to a lifelong study on the Dragonfly Way - remember that even a thousand mile journey begins with just one step...


Note: Dragonfly Way may not be suitable for everyone - if you have a pre-existing health condition, ask your GP about Tai Chi and whether it may be right for you





Learning the Dragonfly Way 

 Dragonfly Way kung fu school offers you a flexible programme of learning opportunities so you can develop the skills and focus you want at the pace that best suits your needs and interests.

 Different people want different things from their studies and Dragonfly Way is broad enough and deep enough to accommodate the full range of learning opportunities available in a complete internal energy system. 

 Dragonfly Way enables you to learn the core principles of several different yet complimentary traditional internal practices which you can then apply as you need for health, self-defence and personal development. 

Whatever your focus - patient, regular and sincere practice will benefit you across all these various aspects.



Note: The Dragonfly Way programme includes several two-person practices, but competitive sparring is not included in the programme.

Martial applications are practiced at slow speeds and/or very lightly applied.  Conditioning exercises will be prescribed at the correct point in individual practitioners' development, once core principles are established.

You will be learning a martial art, not a sport. Full speed application carries a very real risk of serious injury - the martial applications are intended for defence in life or death situations - all practitioners are required to recognise this fact, and not misuse any of the skills they develop in studying Dragonfly Way. 

New for 2017 - additional internal styles weapons training:

For students who have developed a sufficient foundation in the hand forms taught at Dragonfly Way there are now supplementary options to learn weapons forms to further develop different aspects of practice.

Weapons studies available include:

Basic Gen (staff) form

Yang T'ai Chi Gen (staff) form

8 circular Ba Gua Gen (staff) form

16 step Yang T'ai Chi Jian (straight sword) form

32 step Yang T'ai Chi Jian (straight sword) form

54 step Traditional Yang T'ai Chi Jian (Straight sword) form

13 step Traditional Yang T'ai Chi Dao (sabre) form 



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